Ask Me Anything

How much experience do you have?

I pride myself on being knowledgeable and experience in the job. I've always had dogs in my family, and Hertford Dog Walking was established 6 years ago.  I've also studied canine behaviour, psychology and training at diploma level and canine first aid trained.

How many dogs can you walk at one time?

I'm insured to walk up to 6 dogs at a time, however I aim for smaller groups. I carefully chose the dogs that are walked together, to ensure they are fully comfortable and enjoy their walk. I'm unfortunately unable to take on any unsocialised dogs.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

When you're happy to arrange care with me, you will receive forms and contract - and I will collect all emergency contact information. If your dog needs emergency vet attention whilst in my care, rest assure I will attend vets on your behalf. All information will be in the my contract and service agreement.

How will you transport dogs?

All dogs will be transported in the safety of my van, which is also fitted with correct ventilation. I have safe cages, seat belts for all dogs when travelling, so you can have piece of mind they will be safe. I also have plenty of fresh water, and first aid kit on board.

Will you clean my dog after muddy walks?

After muddy walks I towel dry dogs. If you have easy access to an outside tap, I'm also happy to wash down muddy paws. I do ask customers to leave a towel near the entrance, and I always advise dogs to be confined to an area during times of bad weather.

Where do you walk the dogs?

I aim to give the dogs on a variety of different walks, and I have carefully chosen all very safe areas which consist of open fields or woodlands.

Can you assist with puppy training?

During puppy visits I'm happy to carry on any training you've been working on. This should help keep a routine for your new addition and help them settle quicker. We will discuss and update their needs as they grow.

Are you Insured ?

Yes, you're welcome to inspect the schedule & certificate of insurance on request.